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A Place Like No Other

More than just a collection of well-crafted, classically designed buildings, Old Parkland is a prestigious office campus filled with fine art, unique artifacts, and the spirit of entrepreneurship. It is a place that commemorates history, represents the American ideals, and celebrates the possibilities created when a community comes together.


A designated historical landmark, Old Parkland began more than a century ago as a county hospital and re-opened in 2008 as a premier destination for business and discourse.

“One way or another, everything that went into Old Parkland was intended to foster a sense of belonging and to inspire new possibilities for the people here.”

– Harlan Crow

“While community can be created anywhere and doesn’t require the physical attributes that we have at Old Parkland, the quality of the individuals and the group as a whole can serve to create the community and foster a higher level of desirability to tenants to want to be here.”

– Richard Squires, Lennox Capital

More than an Office

With specialized amenities, sophisticated surroundings, and renowned event spaces, Old Parkland is a place where important conversations happen – from boardrooms to hallways and from casual meetings to organized speaking events.

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