Old Parkland: Community, Architecture, and the American Ideal

A new book explores the past and present of the Old Parkland campus

When we started remodeling the old Parkland Hospital building in 2006, we had no idea of what it could become. The support of individuals and companies willing to make this their office location enabled and inspired us to eventually create a campus which is unlike any in the world.

We are delighted with the people who work here – the architecture, old and new, the art, the programs, and this place. We like to think of Old Parkland as an expression of our love story with America.

In 2021, we started working with a team of expert writers and photographers to document in a new publication – what has been built and the many events and activities that go on here daily.  While we are proud of these buildings and art, Old Parkland is all about the people who spend their days here. It’s you and your teams who make this place possible.

If you would like a copy of the book, please use this link to purchase directly from the publisher: TriGlyph Books

old parkland book cover