The American Experiment

*Please note that Old Parkland is a private facility, and is not open to the general public.

The American Experiment is intended to stimulate reflection on our nation’s heritage and serve as a reminder of its importance. The thoughtful placement of each piece is meant to entice and intrigue visitors. Visitors may stumble across an unfamiliar quote or an obscure piece of sculpture that invites them to reflect on the intent and look for deeper meaning.

Beyond contributing important aesthetic and architectural dimensions to the Old Parkland campus, the American Experiment collection will serve as a permanent reminder of the historic ideals of limited government, individual rights and the rule of law. Together, these principles tell the story of a free, self-governing people who must renew their commitment to ordered liberty with every new generation.

In addition to the construction of three landmark buildings – Parkland Hall, Commonwealth Hall and Oak Lawn Hall – the most recent expansion of the Old Parkland campus also includes an array of architectural features, art and sculpture which collectively are referred to as “The American Experiment.” The collection, designed to depict the ideals upon which our nation was founded, includes quotations carved in stone and inset into buildings and walkways, as well as larger than life-sized bronze figures and stone sculptures.