Crow Holdings purchased Old Parkland in 2006 and set out to preserve the historical landmark for the community. When the restoration was completed in 2008, the building was not only restored to its historic character, but brought to a stunning new life. The Hospital’s rich history of innovation and education and its central place in the community, will be carried forward by Old Parkland. Boasting a membership of the finest business and civic minds in the city, Old Parkland has reclaimed its place as a vital part of the future of Dallas, just as it was to the past.


Originally a teaching hospital, Old Parkland always had a unique connection with those who worked inside. The passion, dedication, and determination of these people still echo in the walls of the buildings, inspiring those who now walk their halls and landscaped gardens.

  • 1894

    Original Hospital Opens in Dallas

    Pavilion style frame hospital buildings opened on former city park site at Maple Avenue and Oak Lawn Avenue.

  • 1911

    Meningitis Created a Need

    Meningitis epidemic lead to decision to raze original buildings and to construct a new hospital with up-to-date services and equipment.

  • 1913

    Parkland Hospital Opened

    The gleaming new building immediately became the most modern medical facility in the region.

  • 1921

    Hospital Expansion

    Two northern wings and a matching southern wing were completed.

  • 1922

    Nurses Quarters Constructed

    The dormitory promoted strong bonds between the nurses, who even produced annual yearbooks to chronicle times.

  • 1936

    Expansion and New Wing Added

    Bond issue passed and federal Public Works Administration funds enlarge existing wings and to build new four-story wing. Power plant built.

  • 1954

    New Parkland Hospital Added

    Old Parkland converted to care for tuberculosis victims, psychiatric and chronic care cases, formerly treated at Woodlawn Hospital.

  • 1987

    Designated Dallas Historic Landmark

    Original Old Parkland Building is designated as Dallas Historic Landmark.

  • 1996

    Plan For Redevelopment

    Dallas County Hospital District repurchased the then empty facility with plans for redevelopment.

  • 2005

    Old Parkland for Sale

    After a period of disuse, Dallas County let a contract for the sale of Parkland Hospital for redevelopment.

  • 2006

    Crow Holdings Renovated Old Parkland

    Crow Holdings announced it would renovate Old Parkland as its corporate headquarters.

  • 2008

    Crow Holdings Moved to Old Parkland

    Crow Holdings occupied hospital building.

  • 2009

    Seamless Transition from Old to New

    Nurses Quarters and Woodlawn Hall completed and opened.

  • 2011

    A New Addition

    Construction of Reagan Place completed.

  • 2012

    Building on the Past

    Construction of the West Campus expansion begins.

  • 2014

    Honoring American Ideals

    Installation of The American Experiment begins.

  • 2015

    West Campus Expansion Complete

    Tenants begin occupying Parkland Hall, Oak Lawn Hall and Commonwealth Hall.

  • 2019

    Freedom Place Complete

    The newest office building, Freedom Place, opened in fall of 2019 on the north end of campus.


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